Sunday, January 28, 2007

Resuming my blog

It's Saturday night (or shall i say Sunday morning) 1.45 AM and i'm at work.. There is a productoin deployment and some 40 guys are working tonight.. It's insane the way the IT world works..

It's rained in LA today; my kind of weather.. reminds me of my Singapore days. Roads soaked in rainwater, shiny and dark.. The grass and the trees find their natural green color again.. I like the way it smells and the way things look.

I'm trying to pain one such painting right now.. it's work in progress.. (it's been bloody that way for more than 4 weeks now. I wonder when i'll finish it..)
The foreground is supposed to be a tar road with water left over from a rain. The image on left is a cropped version. You can check out the the progress at my website ( --> my current work).

Two of my friends are getting married in Feb back in India.. Oh how I would love to attend those weddings..

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