Monday, April 16, 2007

Salvaging a Sunday Siesta

Sunday Siestas have always managed to mess-up my week'ends'. Despite my well-meaning intentions for a quick nap, they end up being long slumbers that span the whole afternoon and some times stretch into evening. This weekend was no different. I was slightly tired from all the running around from the previous day and our lunch on Sunday was a sleep-inducing, sambhar-rice.

The routine is always the same, I will offer to help my wife in the kitchen, which she will decline, I will then try to either paint, read, blog or work on my homepage. Within 20 minutes though, I will be either reclining on the futon or be heading towards our bedroom. Before I know it will be 5.30 - 6 PM in the evening and I'll be looking at a long sleepless night ahead of me. I tend to wake up groggy, and invariably be unable to focus on any meaningful tasks thereafter.

Normally I rent movies or browse google-Video/ YouTube till I fall asleep. Basically, keep busy with inane, mindless activities that wouldn't disturb my wife's sleep. Only once was I able to convince my wife to drive some 25 miles to watch a 11.30 PM movie show. Sunday late night shows are like watching a movie on a giant home-theatre; we had the whole theatre to just the two of us.

Well, this weekend I finally managed to do something different. I woke up to a very pleasant evening with my kind of wheather (The aftermath of an untimely rain; an overcast sky with rain bearing clouds; trees awashed in fresh green and wet roads..). There was a slight drizzle, and even though I could see sun-light filtering through the cloud cover in a couple of places, it felt like dusk. It was 5.30 PM.

On an impulse, I decided to go for a round of golf. The initial absurdness of the idea turned into excitement once I looked up the golf-etiquette of "playing it alone". It was one of the most pleasurably serene thing I have done in a while. I started out writing a blog about it but then I discovered this beautiful article, which more than puts it in words, it almost paints the picture for you. (Playing Alone - In golf, as nowhere else, man is entirely self-sufficient. by Tom Chiarella for Esquire).

You can view the course (have posted pics for Hole 2 and 3) in GoogleMap

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